Want suggestions for your trip based on your travel style? Check where you are on the scale for each of the five questions below, and we'll instantly send you a list of activities based on your preferences. 

For enquiries on trips to Croatia, our new destination, please email us or check out this link!

On vacation I like to be
Active: I like to discover while moving, all the time.
Moderately Active: I wouldn't mind a few moderate hikes, bike rides, or walks.
Lazy: I like to hang out on beaches, people-watch in cafes, and be driven around.

On vacation I am mostly
In shorts and flip-flops, I am on vacation!
Easy-going: I want to be comfortable, but I don't mind occasionally dressing up.
In D&G swimsuit and Gucci jeans... no reason to leave my stylish self at home!

I am into
Fully immersing myself in the culture. I want new experiences.
Seeing the main attractions and relaxing.
Seeing beautiful things and beautiful people only...my eyes are on vacation too!

I like to think of myself as
Purely spiritual: I meditate and do yoga at 6 AM.
Able to balance spirituality with my attachment to earthly pleasures.
Full of life, with a passion to live it to the max, the best I can.

I like it when
My vacation is completely unplanned and open to chance encounters and getting lost.
I have a plan with general guidelines and some assistance.
My vacation is fully pre-planned and I have constant assistance.

The destination(s) I'm considering
  • Cairo & Egypt
  • Beirut & Lebanon
  • Istanbul & Turkey
The season in which I will be traveling
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

What We Do
What We Do

My Middle East is a private travel planning service to the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Croatia, and soon other countries). We develop and reserve customized travel plans for you based on your dates, travel preferences, and personal style.

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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibilty

We are committed to benefiting the local communities in which we operate, and especially to supporting women and young people. Find out how you too can help.

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